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LakeNet, LLC Telephone Useage InformationTelephone Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: What is VoIP Phone Service? How is it different from a landline?
A: VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone service sends sends your voice over the internet as a digital signal instead of over a traditional copper phone line. Since VoIP is powered by the internet, many advanced features are available such as the ability to receive voicemail messages via e-mail and the ability to selectively block/route calls by number. One difference is that our phone service supports only voice calls. Any device that sends data over a phone line like a fax machine, alarm system, medical device or satellite TV receiver will not operate on our phone service.


Q: Does it work the same as my regular phone service?

A: Yes, LakeNet phone service works just like your current phone service. It will connect to your current phone(s) in your home and they will ring and dial just the same. The sound quality is very good since the connection is digital and not subject to line noise, static and hum like a landline. You can call anyone with a USA phone number, not just other LakeNet customers, and anyone can call you. You can even keep your existing phone number.


Q: What’s required to keep my current phone number?

A: You will have to sign a number transfer form and give us a copy of your phone bill from your current provider. The time it takes to transfer the number depends on how quickly the current provider processes the transfer. This is usually around 2 weeks. Usually the number transfer will be a seamless transfer and we will let you know in advance when it will occur. Until the transfer, your current phone line will continue to operate normally.


Q: Are there going to be a bunch of taxes and fees on my bill like my current phone line?

A: There is a $1/mo Enhanced 911 fee and a $2/mo Federal Universal Service Fee. These are government mandated fees. There are no additional taxes or fees beyond these.


Q: Does LakeNet install the phone service?

A: Yes! Since we are a local service company we provide installation for the service. For a new customer this is usually done when we install your internet service. For existing customers, we will schedule an installation. We will also take a few minutes to show you how to use the advanced features such as voicemail.


Q: What equipment is required? Where will it be installed? How does it connect?

A: LakeNet will provide a telephone adapter which will connect to your existing phones. The telephone adapter also connects to our internet router so both devices are usually installed near your computer, but other locations are possible. In most cases, we can connect all the phones in your home using your existing phone wiring if it is in good condition.


Q: Does my computer need to be on to make and receive calls?

A: No, your computer does not need to be on. Only the LakeNet Internet and Phone equipment need to have power for your phone to work.


How to use your NEW Phone ServicePhone Useage Info

Dialing Out

LakeNet Home Phone allows dialing a 7, 10, or 11 digit number. Calls to anywhere in the 989 area code can be dialed as 7 digits. Hit # key after dialing number to connect call faster (or wait 4 seconds).

Voice Mail

New voice mail system (July 2011):

Dial 5001 from your phone to access voice mail. Contact LakeNet if you need your password. The new voice mail system supports e-mail delivery of voice messages. Contact LakeNet to configure this.


Voice mail menu:

1 – Check New Messages

2 – Check Old Messages

4 – Set Call Forwarding & Do Not Disturb

5 – Change Password

6 – Set outgoing greetings

# – Go back to main menu

Old voice mail system:

Dial 123 from your phone to access voice mail.


Calling Features

3-Way Call – To add a third party to your call, press flash to get a dial tone, then dial *23 and the number of the third party. After the party answers, press flash again to join both parties in a 3-way conference call.

Call Waiting – When enabled, you will hear a beep to indicate an incoming call while you’re on the phone. Press Flash (or briefly depress the hook switch) to take the incoming call. Your first party will be placed on hold. Press Flash again to switch back to the first party.


*70  – Disable call waiting for just the next call

*71 – Enable call waiting for just the next call

Call Return*69 will place a call to the last number that called you

Do Not Disturb – Send all incoming calls immediately to voice mail, do not ring the phones


*78 – Turn on Do Not Disturb

*79 – Turn off Do Not Disturb

Call Forwarding – Sends your incoming calls to another phone number. To enable, dial the enable code, wait for a new dial tone, dial the number to which you want to forward your calls, then dial #, wait for dial tone, then hang up.


*72 – Enable Call Forwarding for all calls

*73 – Disable Call Forwarding for all calls