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Stories and Testimonials

Here are some comments we have received from our customers. If you would like to leave a comment for us, please email us at

I just wanted to send a note to let you know that the technician, Jason, did a wonderful job. I live in an old farmhouse that can make setting up stuff like this difficult, but the set up looks great and the router is at a really good central location in the house. The internet so far has been great. I think I'm going to be really glad I switched to Lakenet.

Thanks again,

Beth in Merrill

I am extremely satisfied with my internet service …. the speed is amazing compared to my previous provider.


I would strongly recommend LakeNet to friends and family.


D.C. on E Washington Rd, Wheeler

I love, love, love LakeNet!!! Family owned, hard working couple, providing a service much needed in the Merrill area. Great service and saving us 50% off monthly internet!!! This is as good as it gets! As American as apple pie; gotta love free enterprise :)

R.T. on Ithaca Rd, St. Charles


Thank you so much for installing internet at our place. Through the years we have had ISP Management, CMS and Skyweb and none have matched up to the service we were paying for. I was skeptical that LakeNet would be the same but I’m very happy to report that your service is great! Exactly what I’m paying for. I can’t believe I’m streaming videos without a problem and have not had any problems with the service at all. Very fast and reliable! My son can do his homework anywhere in the house and the extra wireless router in the garage is working perfect! Also, thank you for taking the time to make sure all our devices worked on the network and adjusting to perfection!

Also, I want to thank you for the professional manner you installed the equipment and explained everything you were doing. The setup time was quick and you showed up when you said you would (very rare these days.)

To sum it up, I’m very happy with LakeNet! Keep up the great service!


J. G. on Polk Rd, Breckenridge


Should have done this sooner! I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I have been extremely satisfied with our internet. We have multiple users at home and have never had a problem since we started using LakeNet. We definitely like your service, and I would be glad to give you guys a good reference if you need one.


H.M. on S Merrill Rd, Merrill

Hey Chris,

I want to let you know how much I like my new Internet. It is every thing you said it would be. Unlike most of the others you are true to your word. I tell everybody that will listen how great LakeNet is. Thanks alot!

D.H. on S Fenmore Rd, St Charles

Hi Chris!

I meant to give you a call about our service, but I’ve been very busy lately and it slipped my mind.

In the past year we have used Speednet, Skyweb, and now LakeNet. There is simply no comparison to the service LakeNet has provided. When we were told 2mb download, I expected half that because of how the other providers have treated us. However, we have been given exactly that since day one, and it’s been going strong for months.

At times we have had 2 laptops, 3 smart phones, and an Xbox downloading data without lag. The speed is also consistent through all hours of the day and night, which is unheard of elsewhere.

Worth every cent. Thank you.

C.W. on N. Woodbridge Rd, Wheeler

Dear Chris,
After suffering with (and actually paying for), a dial-up connection for EIGHT LONG YEARS, you moving into our neighborhood was like a dream come true!

Our children and grandchildren live all over this country, so facebook, skype, and the ability to send and receive pictures and videos, are a must everyday. Before LakeNet, I had to take my laptop to a place with free wi-fi, my favorite being the Farmer’s Home in Hemlock. Not anymore. (ok, I still go to the Farmer’s, but I don’t take my laptop!) You are exactly what I’ve been waiting and hoping for!
Thank-you for providing a fantastic service! Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.

D.S. on Swan Creek Rd, Merrill

I am a gamer and surfer of the web. I had a problem with other carriers in the past but since I moved to LakeNet I have no lag and am very happy with the service all around.

N.W. on Nelson Rd, Merrill

Hi Chris,

We have been thrilled by the service and the experience. After canceling our other two providers because the speeds simply were not there…we were a little weary and somewhat skeptical when we called LakeNet. Plus, the one company we had been with suddenly decided to charge penalty time for downloads above a certain level. It would have been outrageous given our heavy internet and download use. But, we are so satisfied and pleased!!! We have not had one problem. There have been no down times and absolutely no lagging speeds. You guys have been a joy to work with and are always warm and friendly. We will be staying with LakeNet and are informing all of our friends and neighbors why they ought to check you guys out.

Thanks for your awesome service!

R.W. on N. Woodbridge Rd, Wheeler

We love our service, it’s way better than Wild Blue. Faster and doesn’t drop service at the passing of every cloud. NO BANDWIDTH LIMITS!! I have four computers and two game consoles and three mobile devices on my network and have noticed no lags in game play or Streaming Video. We are definitely getting what we are paying for and more!

S.S. on Grabowski Rd, Merrill

Thanks Chris! Love, love, love the service we are getting. I’m so used to waiting forever for a page to load, this is fabulous!!

M.M. on Meridian Rd, Merrill